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Do you have a HR related question or a story to share?

When we originally decided to build our website we intended to use it more as a marketing tool. However, our marketing department suggested using this space to bring in readers, discuss relevant topics and hear other opinions. We explored other interesting websites and blogs asking the question, do they provide useful information? We decided that rather then standing on our soapbox we would solicit input/questions from our readers and provide sound answers explaining the mysteries of how Human Resources actually works (or doesn’t). Many of you may follow QUORA which answers questions on many topics. We want to focus only on people related organizational issues.

So, with that in mind, we ask you the reader, to send us your questions, comments and opinions on any subject relating to Talent Management. We will do our best to give competent, honest answers or opinions and if we do not know, refer the reader to other reputable sources. We have been leading organizations for over 30 years and have gained quite a good grasp of how organizations work, not to mention some real expertise in how specifically HR departments function. We want to develop a rapport with our readers, incorporating practical advice and real time answers to difficult issues.

Our motivation to taking this approach is our frustration with seeing other blogs that either give erroneous information, lack understanding of how business works or have very little or no experience in the real world. We suspect there are questions you have that you are reluctant to ask your own HR department. Since we make our living improving organizations, there are not many questions we have not heard before. For the most part our clients tend to be smaller organizations that have limited resources but are still accountable to follow laws, hire, develop, promote, fire, pay, provide benefits and a number of other “people” related challenges. We have worked with some of the largest companies in the world confirming not all HR departments are created equal, nor are cultures or working environments. Sharing your anecdotes will help support the idea that companies, big and small, are not immune from struggling with employee related issues.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.